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Our obsession with beaded jewelry is a tale of passion and intense intimacy. Through understanding our base medium, stone and natural crystals from mother earth, we have been learning to be more eloquent in how we balance the practicality of our jewelry, beauty, presentation and purpose to those that we serve. in the beginning, there were beads and a great story to tell and many more to guide into a place of solace and tranquility by channeling energy to uplift. everyday we are learning to give you wearable art that is yours and everything from roots to fruits.

we’re a creative people

Kayamoko is borrowed from a kikuyu colluqial ‘kada ya moko’ that literally translates to ‘mtu wa mkono’ in swahili thus ‘kayamoko’! It’s a marketplace for unique and creative pieces of art. It’s home to a myriad of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to cultural treasures.

Our platform connects you with incredible pieces from gemstones for an alternative – something special with a human touch, for those moments in life that deserve imagination.

extraordinary pieces

From the specific to the unexpected (or custom-made), our search tools help you explore all the special one-of-a-kind items offered by Kayamoko. Our artists and creatives Picks and curate exciting trends and ideas they discover to guide in product design and direction thus developing this marketplace to better provide jewelry that you resonates and connects. We provide the technology behind the Kayamoko marketplace, helping buyers and sellers connect and exchange on Kayamoko. Keeping those connections safe, fun and secure is our priority, and we’re always here to help you wear something awesome!

art & ecommerce

We provide an ecommerce technology behind the Kayamoko marketplace, helping buyers and sellers connect and exchange on our platform, securely and conveniently creating exotic business and personal relationships through art. kayamoko is built to be scalable and the technology gives focus to the end users and how they effectively relate in commerce through creative arts.

Kayamoko celebrates the effort, resilience, creativity and patience that goes a long way into recognizing the value of raw human effort into developing art as a mode of livelihood and sustenance.

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kivuti kamau

founder, creative

Cyndi Ajuma

creative artist




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