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adjustable double strand macrame sodalite bracelet

KSh 2,750.00

this is an adjustable beautiful well braided double strand macrame gemstone bracelet made from 7mm sodalite crystal beads. All finished with black nylon cord, at the ends I used lapis lazuli beads as stoppers.

Where the surf surges into a frothy broth of blue and white; this is the salt whipped wonder of Sodalite. The blue gemstone blurs the line between mineral and magic, this is not your usual semi-precious stone but something ripe and rare.

Sodalite is a stone that triggers your survival instinct although not in a fear-based way. It’s a stone that reminds you to tap into those powerful instincts and to strike a balance between the head and the heart so you can always live in alignment with your truest self.

For those who love to live a life aligned with their creative side, Sodalite is a stone that kindles the imagination and encourages artful expression.

Celebrated as one of the most powerful crystals for rinsing the body of toxic vibes most associated with fear and guilt, Sodalite pushes you higher to claim that confidence clarity and emotional intelligence that is needed for enhancing self-trust.

As mentioned, this is a stone that wants you to not just survive – but to fully thrive to the best of your being.