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chakra double strand braided reiki bracelet

KSh 2,550.00

The idea of this bracelet is to gift to someone needing a little lift or a positive burst of energy in their life.

The crystals in the bracelet link to the seven chakras within our bodies. This bracelet is designed to bring healing energy to those who wear it. It is ideal for those who meditate or practice Reiki or those who wish to be more in tune with their seven chakras.

This bracelet features Lava Stone, Red Agate, Lazurite, malachite, black onyxred  Stone, Tiger Eye, Green King Stone, and Brownstone to represent the 7 chakras and is hand-crafted with love.


Wearing a chakra bracelet can impact your life in many different ways. Carrying stones with you to keep your chakras open maintain emotional balance. The beautiful gemstone colors will elevate your style and catch your eye throughout your day, reminding you to take care of your physical and emotional well-being. If you feel like a specific chakra is experiencing a block, you can choose a bracelet that focuses on that chakra to keep it open.