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Dragon Vein bracelet ensemble

KSh 6,300.00

Dragon Vein crackled agate bracelet ensemble

This is a bracelet ensemble that is bold and puts your character and confidence out there.

Dragon’s Vein Agate gets its name from its unique appearance. When polished, the stone looks like it is covered in scales, like a mythical dragon. Many of the stones have a glassy appearance, similar to clear quartz. Others are a bit more opaque. The stones I have used in these bracelets are mostly clear to white, with black veining throughout.

This type of agate is known for its many metaphysical properties. It carries the spirit of the dragon, and assists us on harnessing that fearlessness and power. Dragon’s Vein is believed to enhance courage and boldness. It is positively linked with success, confidence, and protection. It is a great stone to use in order to feel more balanced and secure.

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