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genuine 8mm unakite jasper bracelet with pendant

KSh 2,750.00

this is a beautiful unakite jasper 8mm beads bracelet with matching pendant brought together with a strong stretch cord to give that tribal and unique look. This is a great bracelet for your meditation and mantra recitations.

Unakite is a grounding stone that is considered to be a semi-precious stone, and an adapted form of granite. Unakite is comprised of pink feldspar, green epidote, and clear quartz.

It is also sometimes referred to as Epidote Granite. Epidote on its own is a powerful tool for enhancing any emotion or state it is placed in or near.

If you are looking to release or transmute heavy emotions or negativity held in your body, then using Unakite can help you with this process.

Unakite is a stone of vision, opening the third eye and useful for scrying. It is also believed to be a stone of balance, grounding the self while bringing emotions and spirituality together.

What Is The Meaning Of Unakite?

The name Unakite stems from its place of origin. It was first discovered in the Unaka Mountains in Western North Carolina in the United States of America. A Mr. Bradley stumbled upon this unusual stone in Tennessee in 1874.

Unakite is associated with two chakras: to the third eye chakra for its use in vision and scrying and to the heart chakra for its ability to balance emotions.

It is not a current birthstone, but it has been historically assigned to March. It is also thought to offer patience and balance to Capricorn and Scorpio.