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goldstone + hematite gentleman ensemble

KSh 7,250.00

This is an amulet ensembles. Amulets are for creativity and good luck and this composition is designed just to extrude these amazing qualities composed oof goldstone, lava stone and hematite. beautiful stones with amazing qualities.

Goldstone seems to have it all. A man-made piece of modern mythology that calls into being our sense of warmth, the power of our own minds and hands, and the attainable goal that we too can create something strong and everlasting. It’s truly an inspiring stone and a talisman of where drive, imagination, and creation can take you.

lavastone is known as a “grounding stone”, believed to strengthen the wearer’s connection with Mother Earth and give strength and courage in times of change and stress.

Hematite is a grounding stone that is mostly used for protection and stability. The word “hematite” is derived from a Greek word that means “blood.” As a result, it is known as the “bloodstone” and has been employed as a talisman against excessive blood flow