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green jade nephrite bracelet with sterling silver separator

KSh 2,750.00

Here is a beautiful natural healing stone, green jade nephrite in 8mm crystals with a sterling silver separator brought together with a strong reliable stretchy cord.

Nephrite jade is a green gemstone that humans have prized for centuries. Many ancient cultures believed that jade had supernatural powers, and it was often used in religious ceremonies. People also thought it was a stone that could bring energy and fortune.

Jade is a famous green gem and Pisces birthstone that comes in two major varieties – nephrite and jadeite. Centuries before the Christian times, jade had a meaning of the nine accomplishments which are Charity, Goodness, Virtue, Knowledge, Skill, Morality, Divination, Rectitude, and Harmony.

Jade stone may be the answer if you want to bring more love and balance into your heart and your life. Regardless of whether your stone is nephrite or jadeite, it has powerful, outward-flowing energies that promote healing, nurturing, replenishment, and emotional support that can help you tap into a higher love.

Nephrite jade is part of the silicates family of crystals, it comes in an array of specific colors, and this makes it tricky to tell the difference between nephrite jade and jadeite.

Nephrite is one of several durable stones called “pounamu” by the Maori, and is highly valued among them as a taonga (treasure). Pounamu, shaped into both tools and ornaments, gain prestige and social value as they are handed down through the generations.


In 1863, a team of geologists found that jade is actually grouped into two separate and different minerals, these are nephrite and jadeite. It’s tricky when trying to tell them apart because they have similar visual composition and colors. But when you look deeply at the chemical composition and structure it is much easier to see which is which.

What Chakra Is Jade Good For?

The most common color of jade crystal, as well as its properties, make it an excellent stone for supporting your fourth chakra. Known as ‘anahata’ in Sanskrit, the heart chakra is the energy center that represents compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and love.

The chakra also acts as a bridge between the lower three chakras associated with physical processes and the material realm, and the upper three chakras associated with wisdom and the spiritual realm.

Anahata chakra is visualized as a green lotus flower with 12 petals. Wear or hold a piece of jade near your heart to help unblock and balance the chakra.