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green line jasper 8mm gemstone stretch yoga bracelet

KSh 2,250.00

This beautiful bracelet is composed from 8mm green line jasper gemstone beads. This bracelet is for balance, treating, power, protection and energy.

Green Line Jasper is a variety of Chalcedony and is almost always multicolored with unique patterns. This is a completely natural stone, unaltered from its original form.

These green line jasper bracelets have a very natural look with an earthy feel that can range from dark, olive green to a lighter mint green. The array of green colors in the stone makes you feel as though you are staring into a vast forest of beautiful greens. The organic composition gives these jasper bracelets a minimalist vibe that is sure to make you feel authentic and pure while wearing them.

Healing Properties & Benefits

There are plenty of reasons why Green Jasper has been cherished since ancient times. This beguiling, green stone is known to have an abundance of healing properties that can bring renewed health to the body, mind and soul.

Whether you place Green Jasper into a beautiful jewelry setting, or if you use it as a talisman, elixir, or meditation crystal, this stone is known to possess incredible powers of healing.

Let’s take a more detailed look at how the healing properties of Green Jasper may be able to bring the positive life changes that you have been searching for.


We recommend Green Jasper for anyone who needs a stone that is good for all around emotional healing. As a crystal for anxieties and stresses to more complex and serious emotional and mental health issues, Green Jasper is a potent tool for restoring and maintaining emotional health.

One of Green Jasper’s most helpful properties is its ability to bring about a sense of emotional balance. This stone can be especially helpful to healers because it can make the user more in tune to the emotional issues and feelings of others.

Green Jasper is a powerful tool for healing strong emotional problems such as a lack of impulse control, paranoid delusions and obsessive behavior and thoughts. It is also used by practitioners to help their patients with sleep issues like insomnia and nightmares. If you have a child who is plagued by recurrent bad dreams, then placing Green Jasper under their pillow or on a nightstand may have the power to drive away those dreams before they even happen.

When taken as an elixir, Green Jasper is often used to help with sexual energy problems that stem from a history of sexual abuse or trauma. Through this healing, the user may be able to find a path to healthy sexuality.


If you want a stone that operates and heals on a higher, more spiritual level, then you’ll want to have Green Jasper in your collection of healing crystals.

A lot of spiritual work can be done if you spend time tuning in to the ancient rhythms and wisdom of the earth. When you are open to the lessons that can be learned from earth and nature, then you can take advantage of the deep and lasting healing that comes from it. The meaning of Green Jasper has a very close connection to earth, so using this stone during meditation or other practices may bring you all the benefits of this deep, primordial knowledge.

Negative spiritual energy and influences can wreak havoc on your life. Spiritual imbalances may cause both physical and emotional problems, so it’s important to make sure that the spiritual aspect of your life is under control and in balance.

Green Jasper has the ability to drive away a range of negative energies such as evil spirits and ghosts, as well as harmful spells and intentions associated with negative or self-destructive thoughts. This stone can be especially potent when worn as a talisman.