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‘kipili’ throne hunter black onyx & red coral ensemble

KSh 5,150.00

This is an intense composition of black onyx matte and the blood stone, red coral stones. The ensemble represents the character of a hunter and a go getter. In this journey the physical properties and healing properties of the black onyx stone and the red coral come in handy to the wearer.

Black Onyx

Often used as an amulet against negative energy, Black Onyx is a master of good fortune.

All black stones have solid healing properties particularly when it comes to protection and shielding you against anything that could bring harm. Onyx is ripe with powerful vibrations and can bring shades of strength and willpower to the wearer. Not only will Black Onyx throw up a forcefield shield around you, but it also activates certain chakras in the body to bring solid standing, creative focus, and illuminate new pathways to wisdom. Black Onyx grounds you beautifully in body, mind, and soul.

Red Coral

When you wear red coral, you wear vitality, energy, and ambition. This stunning stone made from the remains of coral polyps, symbolizes the god of war, Mars. With its vibrant color and strength, it creates an air of action on the part of the wearer