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lapis lazuli mala meditation bracelet

KSh 2,750.00

this is a 8mm natural stone Lapis Lazuli  gemstone beads threaded on to stretch cord in intervals of nine for easy meditation and features 4mm hematite  stone spacer beads with a guru accent.

These bracelets are made of natural materials and so coloring of the stone is unique and no two pieces are the same. The bracelet you receive will be unique and differ very slightly from the images in this listing. Rest assured I have never made a bracelet which I wouldn’t be happy wearing myself.

Celebrated as being The Wisdom Stone, Lapis Lazuli was loved by the Ancient Egyptians and in paintings and scrolls is often seen adorning the Pharaohs, Queens, and Goddesses. Back then, it wasn’t just used as a jewel, but was even ground down to become eyeshadow and elixirs.

The beautiful blue stone was one of the highest regarded gems in Egypt. It came from the oldest mines in the world was given to those of great prestige. From the sarcophagus to the breastplate of the high priest, few jewels in the world rose to the status that Lapis Lazuli was able to reach.

In Persian folklore and across the ancient shores of South America, the stone was said to be the starry sky shrunken down into a precious gem, perhaps already holding all the knowledge of the universe. In Islam, it was chosen to be a protector against the evil eye, and Buddhists too would turn to this stone as its soft healing energy paved the way to inner peace.