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macramé malachite, lava stone and black onyx matte bracelet

KSh 1,550.00

this is a beautiful macramé bracelet with a strong  cord used to assemble these incredible stones together to form a magnificent adjustable bracelet with mystic physical and metaphysical properties.

malachite gemstone

This powerful gemstone aligns its vibrations with the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra. Malachite encourages the wearer to take risks and teaches to take responsibility for one’s thoughts, actions, and feelings. It balances mood swings, heals cramps, alleviates menstrual disorders, and boosts the immune system.

lava stone gemstone

Lava is associated with the root chakra as, like roots, it comes from deep in the ground. The earthy qualities of lava make it a stone of grounding, focus and balance, materialism and restraint. Its fiery energy is associated with passion, assertiveness and energy.

black onyx matte

To create a soft and stylish matte finish, matte onyx beads are polished and then tumbled. Often known as a protection stone, onyx is thought to absorb and dissolve negative energy from the body.