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natural larvikite crystal stretch bracelet

KSh 2,250.00

this is a handmade bracelet composed of 8mm larvikite  crystal pearls on an elastic cord with a hematite highlight.

What is Larvikite?
Larvikite is a member of the Feldspar family. The name originates from the Larvik Fjord region in Norway, where this type of igneous rock is found. It is sometimes misleadingly called “Black Moonstone” and even “Labradorite”, more likely because they are all Feldspar minerals.

Larvikite Associations
  • Chakras – Base Chakra
  • Zodiac – Aquarius
  • Element – Water
  • Numerical Vibration  Number 8


Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone.  It is cleansing to the subtle bodies and facilitates a strong connection with the energies of Earth, helping to connect with the spirits of Nature.

Larvikite stimulates inner visions and enhances our psychic abilities.  It allows us to see the past, providing clarity to visions of past life recall.

Larvikite can neutralize and cancel spells that are no longer wanted.  It repels negative energy.

Larvikite increases our security in the strength of our own intellect, stimulates creativity and the exchange of wisdom.  Larvikite helps us to see ourselves through the eyes of our higher self.

Larvikite teaches patience, and can support when completion and closure to a goal is required.  It also helps us to understand and resolve complicated facts and to make decisions that are rational and sober and not based upon our emotions.

Larvikite assists the brain to take in new information more easily.  It creates new pathways for knowledge to travel and can open new doors for us.  Larvikite can help to make us more adaptable to situations.

Larvikite unifies the past with the present. It is a wonderful stone if you want to get in touch with nature in all its forms.

It carries earth and water elemental spirits and has a strong connection with water, especially rain and storms. Just as water flows easily, this crystal helps you to elude problems or cleanse them away, encouraging you not to struggle against the tide or resist change.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Larvikite enhances dreams and understanding the insights from dreams. It is good for astral travel, astral projection, and the aura.

It is a crystal of magic and metaphysics that strengthens journeying through multi-dimensions and the darkness of the shamanic underworld.

It stimulates metaphysical abilities and facilitates visionary experiences.

Emotionally it brings emotions to the surface and then soothes the heart. Larvikite helps apprehension and insecurity. Larvikite assists in making decisions that are based on common sense and analytic thinking rather than emotional decisions. It helps your mind to assimilate and process new information and is thought to create new neural pathways in the brain.

This sparkling flash of silver or blue from within the stone is commonly referred to as the “schiller effect” or labradoresence.

Wearing crystal bracelets on the left hand allows you to absorb the positive energies emitted by crystals and guides you to make internal changes within your body, on the other side wearing crystals bracelets on the right hand enables you to control the energy you put into your external space.