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natural mint green amazonite 8mm AAA crystal bracelet

KSh 3,150.00

this is a beautiful 8mm AAA grade mint green amazonite crystal bracelet with a hematite punctuation. each bead in this bracelet are hand picked and strung on high quality elastic stretch cord to ensure best quality.

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a variety of potassium feldspar and is the mineral class of Microcline. It is part of the triclinic crystal system and has a vitreous luster. Amazonite comes in shades of purple, grey, green, and blue. Most often it is a greenish blue color.

The meaning of Amazonite is to soothe anxiety and bring clarity.

Amazonite Healing Crystal
  • Named the Hope Stone
  • Said to line the shields of Amazon Warriors
  • The gemstone on the tomb of Tutankhamun
  • A Virgo birthstone
  • Connects with the throat chakra
  • Taps into intellect and intuition

Plunge into the cool coloring of Amazonite gemstones. Glimmering blue-green in its  hues, Amazonite echoes with ancient tales, jungle magic, and the sweeping flow of one of the world’s most mystical rivers.

Nicknamed ‘The Hope Stone’, Amazonite doesn’t shy away from putting a positive spin on life but doesn’t delve in blindly. It’s a gemstone that calls on the spirit of inner strength, magnified intention and a commitment to using that can-do attitude to get what you want.

Amazonite has been around forever, and legend has it – this was the stone that lined the shields of the mythical Amazonian warrior princesses.

The grace and glory of Amazonite spans centuries, it was also the gemstone that adorned the temples and tombs of Tutankhamun and was used to make the tablets that formed the elusive Book of the Dead.

But even grandiose historical connections aside, strong healing properties and deep-set connections to the heart chakra and the throat chakra mark out the Amazonite stone as being something special.

If you dream of living deeper, standing strong and proud in your authentic light and manifesting universal love, choosing to use Amazonite could be one of the best decisions you make.

The Healing Benefits of Amazonite

The Amazonite crystal is a curious and beautiful thing. Awash with that wonderful shade of iridescent green-blue, it’s no wonder this stone is connected with the elements of earth and water.

Ruled by Virgo and bringing not just a beautiful pop of color but also radiant healing properties, there are endless benefits to bringing an Amazonite gemstone into your life, your wardrobe and your home.

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties
  • Soothes anxious thinking
  • Helps with healing past trauma

If you find your monkey mind sometimes acts like shattered glass with fragmented thoughts going here, there and everywhere, then Amazonite can be the most amazing gemstone for weaving together all those frayed emotional threads.

Soothing anxious dispositions and self-destructive thoughts is what Amazonite does best. It’s also a brilliant gemstone to have on hand when you need to pull your self-esteem up by the bootstraps.

Connected with the feminine, the Amazonite crystal works directly against habits of self-neglect, inviting you to always put yourself first.