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Natural Tree Agate Bracelet – Courage Bracelet

KSh 2,250.00

Natural Tree Agate is gemstone of individualism, strong boundaries and healthy self-esteem.  This crystal symbolizes harmony and rebalance. This means you will feel an improvement in concentration and analytical abilities. The soothing power of agate allows you to feel calm and safe wherever you are.

Just as a dappled forest may bring calmness, so it’s said tree agate brings a sense of peace and inner tranquility to wearers.

This gemstone helps individuals look inside for self-examination, which also may result in a calm demeanor.

Agate in general is said to be a stone that promotes inner stability, making tree agate an amplified version. Tree agate is also believed to boost the immune system and balance water in the body.

Agate gemstones in general are believed to have a quiet energy associated with the heart chakra. Agate strengthens relationships, promotes composure and offers a warm, protective quality to the wearer.