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‘nishati’ aromatherapy energy bracelet

KSh 2,250.00

This handmade aromatherapy essential oil diffuser bracelet is designed with smooth polished black onyx gemstones, rich black lava stone, & hematite stone spacers; finished with exquisitely detailed turquoise nugget gemstones!

Gemstone Benefits

LAVA STONE: Known as the Stone of “Strength”, often worn for its abilities to bring forth personal awareness while encouraging freedom of expression and a fearless ambition.

The application of your favorite essential oil to your lava bead is simple due to the porous surface of the lava stones. Just add 1-2 drops of your favorite oil* to each lava bead. The best way to do this is to add them to a q-tip or on your finger and then rub it on the beads.

Lava stone is said to alleviate anxiety, promote emotional tranquility and bring calmness and feelings of relaxation. Lava stone is supposed to have very powerful spiritual effects on the human mind. It’s said to cleanse negative thoughts and emotions, as well as stimulate creativity.

TURQUOISE: Known as the stone of “Clear Communication”, often worn for its abilities to promote honest communication to & from the wearer, encouraging one’s inner voice and self belief.

Turquoise strengthens relationships and acts as a protective shield for the wearer. It brings immense clarity and precision to the inner thoughts of its wearer.

Turquoise gemstone helps in maintaining stability and concord in married life by infusing deep understanding in partners.

BLACK ONYX: Known as the “Protection” Stone, often worn for its abilities to harness one’s inner strength while increasing self control and self discipline, to encourage an increased focus and attention to protect against negative energies & thoughts.