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‘ongezea’ a double strand bracelet composition

KSh 2,750.00

this is a double strand bracelet composition made of 8mm citrine and carnelian stones with om mani padme hum beads and lavastone, these crystals bring a heightened feeling of courage, positivity, prosperity, and vital creativity.

Carnelian Benefits

The carnelian stone is packed with a lot of enthusiasm and power. This high-energy vibe propels you to go after your goals and take the practical steps to turn your desires and dreams into a reality. Turning your dream into reality needs you to be extra motivated.

The Carnelian stone gives you the utmost motivation, courage, and the will to take the steps that can take you to your goals. The stone boosts your mental and emotional state to feel alive and have optimum physical energy.

Citrine Benefits

Citrine has numerous benefits. It is the perfect gemstone that benefits prosperity, success, and happiness. It is a bright yellow stone that offers people uplifting energy. This energy uplifts those who wear the stone as they tap into its high vibrations. As a result, they acquire the benefits of abundance, joy, goal manifestation, and happiness.

Citrine lights up your mind and fills it with immeasurable motivation and the willpower to pursue your goals with utmost determination. In so doing, the stone attracts wealth, success, and wealth.

Moreover, Citrine has the benefit of surrounding you with a protective barrier that shields you from energy vampires and negative thinking. It has energizing properties that make you more dynamic, full of purpose, and guided by the desire to live life to the fullest.