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picture jasper bracelet ensemble

KSh 4,050.00

Picture Jasper is one of our favourite gemstones because of the uniqueness of each stone. This ‘down to earth’ bracelet set is a favourite for all those that love a natural look.

Here we combined a 8mm picture jasper bracelet with hermitite highlights and a picture jasper essential oil diffuser bracelet. as a combination they would greatly improve your look, uplift your chakra and shower you with an aroma of your choice.

This bracelet ensemble can be worn as is or it can be used as a diffuser. Lava beads are a natural and easy way to bring the benefit and aroma of your favourite essential oil with you all day. Simply place a drop of your favorite essential oil on the lava beads and the aroma should last a couple hours to several days depending on the quality of the oil you use.

Picture Jasper gets its name from the vibrant colors which resemble a picture, or print. The mottled patterns and swirls in Picture Jasper are said to be reminiscent of natural scenes from the earth, especially landscapes.

It was given this name because it is composed of bands of microscopic quartz crystals that were tightly packed together in an alternating pattern like tiles on a floor.

It carries a strong connection to Earth energies and as such can help bring harmony to your life on many levels.

Picture Jasper is a soothing stone that brings peace and serenity, providing comfort to those who are grieving due to the loss of someone or something in their life.

It diminishes feelings of loneliness, guilt or anxiety by encouraging you to focus on the present moment while clearing your mind.

Picture Jasper is good for grounding the free-flowing emotions of those who have suffered a traumatic event.

Picture Jasper enables you to see the beauty in that which has been previously unknown or taken for granted, bringing delight to everyday living that you may have otherwise missed out on.