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‘ruvingaci’ mythical charm double strap macrame bracelet

KSh 2,750.00

‘ruvingaci’ mythical charm bracelet is inspired by ruvingaci river that has quenched the thirst of the embu people for centuries and a symbol of rich heritage and mystery.

This ‘Ruvingaci’ charm macramé bracelet its composed of lava stone and larvikite that symbolizes the origins that was through an intense volcanic activity which is then combined with black onyx stone, symbolizing the people and their nature. within the bracelet is clear quartz stone that symbolizes the clarity of the water and labradorite that carries the magic and mystery of the ruvingaci river.

River ruvingaci is the largest river in Embu County, flowing from the snow caps of Mt. Kenya for thousands, probably millions of years since the formation of the volcanic mountain.

The clear waters of river ruvingaci, is both a source and support of life, alongside Ena, Kavingaci and thuci.

River ruvingaci is also a symbol of the rich heritage of the Embu, Mbeere and other communities that have historically inhabited the region.