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the oduduwa 700AD wrap bracelet/ neckpiece talisman

KSh 8,750.00

this is a wrap bracelet that also doubles as a neckpiece talisman. the design was inspired by Oba Oduduwa of the Oyo Empire in 700AD.

Composed of black Onyx, black obsidian stone, lava stone and green mint amazonite crystals with silver beads and hematite highlights.

the Lava stones (volcanic rocks) are grouped for easy essential oils absorption, a great jewelry piece for aromatherapy.

the Oduduwa design follows a unique traditional bead pattern order and stone placement to symbolize rulership and authority.

Oba Oduduwa is considered the progenitor of the Yorubaland and Yoruba Dynasty. He is a national folk-hero and considered a primordial God in Yoruba culture.

There is much debate on where Oduduwa originally came from or when exactly he founded the Yorubaland and language; however, he and his clan descended on the lower region of Nigeria and defeated several existing settlements to establish Yorubaland.

Legend has it that he had 16 sons and daughters, and before he died, he sent each one to the centers of his conquered territories to rule autonomously, where they founded the kingdoms of Ila Orangun, Owu, Ketu, Sabe, Popo and Oyo. Oranmiyan thus established the Yoruba dynastic family line.