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tiger eye wrap bracelet/ neckpiece talisman

KSh 7,250.00

This incredibly composed piece of art is a wrap bracelet that also doubles up as a neckpiece. Its a talisman made from 8mm tiger eye crystals with hematite highlights and a macramé adjustment finish.

We chose tiger eye crystals for this project given their unique appearance and metaphysical properties.

Tigers Eye is a member of the Chalcedony mineral class family. It has a silky luster and an opaque transparency. Tiger’s Eye is commonly a metamorphic rock that comes in shades of reddish brown with iron stripes.

The meaning of Tigers Eye is self-confidence and inner strength.

Nicknamed The Shapeshifter, the earthly rich and curious gemstone of Tiger’s Eye invites the wearer to embrace their inner-strength, personal willpower, and to call on the powers of protection.

Colored with golden bands, flecks of sand, and smudges of inky black and brown – there’s no disputing the wild force and energy that can be found in this stone.

Traditionally the Tiger Eye Gemstone was carried as a protective amulet against the forces of evil. It was said to ward off curses and to keep the wearer safe from ill-wishes.

In the 16th century, Tigers Eye was so rare it was considered to be an element so precious, its worth was so much higher than gold.

The stories behind Tiger’s Eye says that the Egyptians fell hard for the iridescent rays of the Tiger Eye Stone, they believed that it expressed divine vision and would even use it as a stone to represent the eyes when creating great deities.

It was also used as a protective amulet on the breastplates of roman soldiers in battle.

Connected to both the root and the sacral chakra, the Tiger Eye stone comes with a glut of glorious healing properties and benefits that help to balance physical and emotional wellbeing in one straight swoop.

More than just a pretty face, the Tigers Eye serves as a reminder to harness inner strength, to stand a little taller, and to stop sabotaging the self because all the light and love that is needed is already stashed inside.

Instead of hiding away, Tiger’s Eye is all about bringing beautiful self-confidence to the surface.