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unakite gemstone calming yoga bracelet

KSh 2,250.00

This is a handmade natural unakite beaded gemstone bracelet composed of 8mm unakite stone beads designed for your yoga and meditation practice.

What is Unakite?

Unakite is an altered form of granite, composed of pink orthoclase Feldspar, green Epidote and Clear Quartz. The most prominent colors that Unakite stones come in are green, olive green, pink hues and an orangey-red color.

Unakite Associations

Chakras – Heart Chakra
Zodiac – Scorpio
Planet – Mars & Venus
Element – Fire & Water
Numerical Vibration – Number 9
Typical colours – shades of green and pink: mottled

Origins of Unakite

The name Unakite stems from its place of origin. It was first discovered in the Unaka Mountains in Western North Carolina in the United States of America. A Mr. Bradley stumbled upon this unusual stone in Tennessee in 1874.

Unakite is a stone of vision, opening the third eye and useful for scrying.  It balances emotions with spirituality.  Unakite provides grounding when needed.  It facilitates rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.