Kayamoko Refund/Return Policy Guide


i. Do you need to return a product?

 Before returning an item, please check our Returns & Refunds Policy Page to make sure your item is eligible for return. Before we approve a return, we will review your product through our inspection processes.

ii. How do I return a product?

 After-sales service can only be applied through our platform.

1. To apply, head on to your “Account Center” and click on “My Order”.

2. Once in “My Order”, locate the product you want to return in the “Completed” button from the top tabs. Click on “Apply for After sales” and fill-in all the product details and reason for applying.

Once you have applied, our customer care center will contact you to arrange a pick up time and place.

  • Contact us via:- returns@kayamoko .com
  • We take you through the after sale return process for validity.
  • Pack the Item including all accessories, delivery note.
  • We’ll approve & coordinate the Return
  • The received returns shall undergo a quality check process
  • If Valid your return shall be processed

iii. How much time do I have to return a product to Kayamoko?

All Items purchased on Kayamoko.com, can be returned within a period of 7 Business days from delivery date, if they meet certain requirements.

iv. What is the Global Shopping return policy?

For items marked as “Shipped from Overseas”, returns are only accepted for:

Defective ItemsItem is damaged upon delivery or not according to manufacturer’s specification.
Wrong itemsIf you received an item different from what you ordered.

 We do not accept returns if size does not fit, or if client dislike the product (color, material, style). We encourage you to carefully check full description of the items and confirm it will meet all your expectations before placing your order.


Refund process begins after we have received your returned product. Refund duration may take 2-7 days. 

i. Refund methods available according to payment methods.

Payment methods       Refund methods

Cash                            Refund Mpesa

Bank Transfer              Refund Mpesa

Refund Voucher          Refund Voucher Only

M-Pesa                        Refund Mpesa

ii. If my returned product is not validated for refund, how do I get informed?

If your return is invalid then we will call you to explain the issue and send the item(s) back to you. You might be required to pay for the re-send delivery fee.

iii. I have bought an item on promotion. What amount will you refund me?

For items bought Flash Sale or promotion, the amount refunded will be the exact amount paid, and not the original product value.

vi. How long can Kayamoko keep uncollected goods?

Kindly note that we will keep the product with us for a maximum of 90 days for you request re-send after which it shall be treated as unclaimed good under CAP 38. Law of Kenya.

NOTE: Refund can only be effected via the same channel through which you paid. All transaction shall be accepted in the local currency. Forex exchange charges shall be borne by the buyer.


i. Where do I get a faulty item repaired?

If you want your product repaired, we advise you to visit the authorized brand service center listed on our page for better quality services. The cost and terms of repair shall be determined by the service center you will visit.

ii. What if the product brand has no Local service center?

If the product brand do not have a Local service center, Kayamoko shall facilitate product repairs or exchange of products returned within 7 business days from the date of delivery.

The repairs or exchange facilitated by Kayamoko shall take 7-14 working days from the date the faulty item is received at Kayamoko. However if a spare part has to be imported, the repair period may take longer up to 30 days.

We advise that you submit the faulty product and all accessories when returning for repair.

NOTE:- We request that you go through our return policy to check the validity for return for your product before you request for repair or exchange.


i. How do I know if my product has a warranty?

The product warrant card is included inside the product package or warranty information printed on the manufacturer package from the factory. In case you can’t find your product warranty information, kindly contact the brand manufacturer or authorized dealer listed on your manual or purchase receipt.

ii. What cost is covered by product warranty?

If your product Warranty is valid, it offers protection against defects in manufacturer defects, related to mechanical or electrical systems, and materials. In such cases, the manufacturer got the repair cost covered – you don’t have to worry.

iii. What is not covered by product warranty?

Warranties do not cover damage to products caused by accident, misuse and abuse, modification, attempted repair, negligence after purchase, ordinary wear and tear, and/or failure to follow the product’s maintenance advice provided in the user’s manual or warranty card.

iv. What is the warranty cover duration?

The duration for warrant cover is set by the product manufacturer and we refer you to your product warranty card for this information.

v. If my product is not under warranty?

If your product is not under warranty or out of warranty duration, you will be required to cater for the repair cost.

We suggest you repair the product at the service center authorized by the manufacturer (the one on your Warranty card) for better quality services.

If you notify Kayamoko within 7 days after Delivery, your product may still be returnable without using the warranty. Check our Return policy for more information.


i. Where can I find service centers?

Please refer to the manufacturer (or service center) details on the warranty card included with your product.

If there is no warranty card, please check the user manual or product packaging for more details.

Below are some brand service centers click >> https://kayamoko.com for some of the brand service centers.

In case you still cannot find your service Center, feel free to reach out to us at Contacts and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


i. Shipping Policy

We put the customer 1st and promise to provide you with the unmatched online shopping experience at every step. We have taken reasonable precautions to ensure your package is delivered to you intact and just in time by our delivery partner.

TIPS: – Ordering MORE ITEMS together will allow you to SAVE on shipping fees.

ii. How do I track my order?

You can track your order by checking ‘My order’ under your account. We will also send you email or messages notifications on your order status each step all the way.

If you experience any challenges in viewing your order status from Kayamoko platform or Web, please contact us via our Social Media handles and Live chat. We will be glad to assist you.

iii. Do you know our Delivery Times?

The delivery time starts from the day you successfully pay for an order successfully placed to the day one of our delivery personnel makes a first attempt to deliver to you. Delivery timeline depend on the product you choose to buy. Kindly note the days mentioned are business days.

v. When will I receive my Drop Shipping orders?

Drop Shipping – Is a service for products sourced from Local Sellers and if fulfilled within 3-5 business days from the time you pay for the successfully placed order. Such items have below badge on the product page.

vi. When will I receive my Global Shopping orders?

Global Shopping – Allows you to access 100,000+ products sourced from Sellers overseas and is fulfilled within 15-30 days from the time you pay for the successfully placed order. Such items have below badge on the product page.


Making payment means accepting the delivery. Therefore, it is not possible to open products bearing a manufacturer’s seal, reject and send them back with the same driver (this can only be done before opening the package). Should you wish to return such products, you will have to follow the return process as defined in our return policy here.