The Neo-Maasai ethnic and ancient Series

April 1, 2023

The Maasai are semi-nomadic and pastoral: they live by herding cattle and goats. The Maasai have not fared well in modern Africa. Until the European settlers arrived, fierce Maasai tribes occupied the most fertile lands.

World renowned for their vivid culture the Maasai people of East Africa face a rapidly changing world. The challenges of the past are not the same as the challenges of today.

Here’s one modern Maasai story.

As the world opened up to this incredible culture of the maasai, we have seen, in modern times the fusion of ancient cultures, like from our series where gemstones that have long and ancient cultural and spiritual significance come into play with the maasai culture in how the modern society is expressing itself in identifying what they believe in and their origins.

Our series uses gemstones ans crystals plus the incredible beads and culture of the Maasai to bring in a fusion from the ancient coming to meet an established and rooted culture of the maasai.

kivuti kamau creative Kayamoko

The use of a crystal like turquoise with a beaded maasai amulet, bracelet and colors shows the path that the maasai have maintained despite the advancement in cultural engagements.

It is my desire that this series will combine as many compositions that will place the Maasai as a center item and teach on how cultural heritage can be maintained, preserved and protected to withstand the test of time.

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